Charas Temple Hash Balls


Temple Balls are a type of hashish that has been valued and produced for thousands of years in Nepal and the surrounding countries. THC trichomes are carefully separated from other undesired plant matter such as hairs or pistils by farmers to produce a highly concentrated end product. Charas Temple Hash Balls, which are often hand-made, need almost 20 hours of precise hand-collecting before curing. Curing these hash balls takes weeks of patience, resulting in a smooth and powerful flavour profile and a deeper, more potent high. Charas Temple Hash Balls taste like pure, imported hashish from before the 1990s and carry a powerful punch. Charas Hash is highly high in THC and can include upwards of 55%-80% on average, with some sources indicating that it even contains higher than normal levels of CBD! This is due to the rigorous and meticulous procedure that collects the most resinous trichomes with as little plant waste as possible. Charas Hash from this region is recognised for its nice and hearty aroma and flavour profile, which is derived from regional strains such as Kerala Gold, Malana Cream, and other local landrace strains. Charas Temple Hash Balls have a distinctive earthy foundation with notes of a dry cedar-like woodiness and mellow, creamy overtones. Our Charas Temple Hash Balls are available in 14g and 28g sizes and are marked with the Tree of Knowledge seal of approval.

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