Kerala Gold Hash Balls


Kerala Gold Hash Balls are a common type of hashish prevalent among the higher levels of society in India and its neighbouring countries. They have been carefully cultivated for millennia in the mountainous regions of India and Nepal, where they were previously used as currency and are today valued for their purity as both a medicinal and recreational cannabis product. As the name implies, these hash balls are made from THC trichomes from the Kerala Gold, or Idukki Gold strain (also known as Mahadevan or Neela Chadayan), which is native to the southern Indian state of Kerala or Idukki. It is touted as a miracle variety that yields the best hash in the hemisphere and is regarded as one of the best cannabis strains discovered in Asia. Before these beautiful nuggets can be rolled out, cultivators spend hours upon hours hand-collecting and harvesting kief and carefully removing unwanted plant matter to ensure purity, quality, and a true cannabis concentrate without any by-products. Once rolled out, these balls can take months to cure in order to age and develop in flavour, similar to how westerners age whisky or excellent cognac. This AAAA+ imported hashish harkens back to the golden age of hash in North America prior to the 1990s, when high-quality imported hash from the Middle East and the Netherlands was more common. Users will be delighted with a deep, powerful earthiness, notes of Indian Mahogany wood, and a slight creaminess in the flavour of Kerala Gold Hash balls, which are similar to the strain from which it is originated.

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