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LA Wonderland Dispensary Mission

We strive to make the most consistent, highest quality cannabis in the industry because we care about our customers and want them to have the very best outcomes. We spare nothing when we develop and deliver our products. We invest time, effort, knowledge, passion, pride and a meticulous process to guarantee the best user experience possible.


Every day we learn a little more about the powers of cannabis and those who use this time-tested plant to better their lives. We have a passion for technology, a hunger for research and a need for consistent and meticulous process. There’s still so much work to do on the science side, so much to discover, and we proudly accept that challenge.


We bring our customers consistent and effective products. We pledge superlative quality and maintain the highest standards and most innovative techniques from nursery, to lab, to shelf.


We are proud of the level of genuine care we give our customers, and our dedication to educating each one we serve. In the process, we educate ourselves. No story is a typical story. It’s the story of someone’s life, and we always come away with a new understanding and a greater degree of empathy for the people who rely on our products and appreciate our support.