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Platinum kush is an indica-dominant strain with a platinum-silver color due to its thick covering of crystal resin. This strain’s dense buds have a sweet fruity and hashy aroma, with purple tints and vivid orange hairs.The THC content can reach up to approximately

This plant emits a skunky, earthy aroma and has a smooth, sweet flavor with overtones of pine, berries, and citrus. The effects occur shortly after inhalation, beginning with a hefty body hit and progressing to a calming, almost narcotic high that can last for two hours or more. This is a potent cannabis, and more than a few hits can lead to couchlock. It is prescribed by medical clinics for nausea, stress, and insomnia.

This strain grows to a height of about one meter and is bushy, with shortish leaves that darken as the plant ages. The medium-sized buds are dense and covered in a dazzling covering of crystals, with orange to brown hairs.

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