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Strain name: Obama. Kush
Grade: A+
Type: Mostly indica with some sativa.

Looks like densely packed green balls surrounded by a mass of fuzzy orange hairs. It’s so fluffy that I can pack a pillow full of it and sleep.

Smell: Sweet and spicy, this is the essence of Kush. It has a pine scent, but it’s a great smell in general, and this one stands out from other OGs.
Taste: Lightly kushy and earthy. I can’t really describe it because it’s Kush, but it’s lot lighter and rarer.

Top Notch, Clean! Nice and smooth, full-body warmth that strikes quickly but with a gentle effect; no paranoia here. It’s nearly transcendental. This innovative bud is designed for today’s musician. It stimulates your imagination and makes you desire to play any instrument that is nearby. I took quite a few hits and spent hours playing my guitar.

Potency: Quite high, 5/5. The duration is up to two hours and up. This bud is exceedingly rare, and I’ve only found it at a few locations in Los Angeles, California. However, the entire search is worthwhile.

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